S.A.M.E Water

  • Overview

    Established in 1966, S.A.M.E Water is a leading manufacturer and supplier of numerous water and wastewater treatment equipment to the global market. Headquartered in Alberton supported by regional offices, SAME prides itself with local manufacturing, which is critical in growing the regional and sub-regional economies.

Our students accommodation developments feature high-end biometric security systems, laundromats, entertainment areas, indoor sporting facilities, and where feasible, small scale sporting grounds.

We locally manufacture and supply the following equipment:

Flow Control/Sluice Gates: we manufactures a range of sluice gates to suit most applications and environments.

Screening Equipment: we manufacture a wide range of screening equipment to suit different applications and capabilities from course to ultra-fine screening.

Clarification Equipment: we produce a versatile range of clarifiers and thickeners with a large variety of optional extras to suit clients applications.

Conveyor Systems: we supply both Spiral and Hydro Conveyors that are used to move material to different areas on a plant as efficiently as possible.

Bio-Filter Equipment: being the first company to introduce biofilter equipment into the South African market, we supply a totally seal-less unit that requires minimal maintenance.

Grit Removal Equipment: we supply several methods of grit removal, Vortex grit traps as well as Grit Separators/classifiers.

Compaction Equipment: we offer a variety of Compactors for screened solids in waste water treatment plants.

Aeration Equipment: our Aerators are simple, reliable and robust and are produced in a wide variety of models that can be used for of a number of applications.