Sustainable Development Consulting, Trainning and Technologies

  • Overview

    Bembani sustainability Training (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bembani Group (Pty) Ltd and was incorporated with the Registrar of Companies and Close Corporations in 2001 and was converted into a Proprietary Limited or Private company in 2003.

BST provides consulting, training and capacity building in the following broad areas, namely:

    • Integrated Environmental Management

      EIAs, EMPs, ISO 14001 EMS, Environmental Auditing, Policies, SIAs & Public Participation

    • Water and wastewater Management

      Integrated Water Management Strategies, Water Use Licensing, Groundwater Studies, Borehole drilling & Development.

    • Air Quality and Climate Change

      AQMP, Atmospheric, Air Quality Monitoring, Emissions Inventory • Agri-business and Community Development;
      Agro-processing, Aquaculture.

    • Sustainable Development

      Sustainable Development Strategies, Corporate Governance, Sustainability Communication and Reporting, Resource Mobilization.