Board of directors




  • Titus Baloyi is the founder of Bembani Group (Pty) Limited. His academic background covers four university degrees including a Masters degree in Environmental Management and Analysis. He is in the process of completing an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability through RKC and Cumbria University in the United Kingdom.
    Prior to establishing the group, Titus worked for the Centre for Environmental Management at the North West University, Eskom Holdings Limited, and Sasol Limited in various advisory and management positions covering training and capacity building, corporate governance and systems as well as sustainability.
    He provides leadership to the group. He has initiated a number of strategic relationships and partnerships with other companies and institutions, both locally and internationally

  • Mashudu Victor Siphugu is an Alumnus of the University of Venda for Science and Technology, Rhodes University and the University of North West (Potchefstroom Campus) were he graduated, amongst others with Masters of Science in Botany and a Masters in Environmental Management and Analysis.
    Victor’s earlier career days were spent teaching, coaching and mentoring students at institutions of learning. His entrepreneurial drive saw him joining Bembani Sustainability Training (BST) in 2003 as a Director and Shareholder and later appointed to the Bembani Group (Pty) Ltd’s Board in 2008.
    Serving as Managing Director of BST, Victor is responsible for overall business’ strategic management and leadership. Victor’s aspiration is to steer Bembani into one of the finest sustainable development business players the world across