Bitier Communications

  • Overview

    In support of Group focus to achieve the goals of sustainable develop- ment, BITIER Communications is advantageously positioned and com- mitted to advance and power the demand for clean and green prod- ucts and services.

  • The company is directed by Titus Baloyi and Errol Moloto, delivering depth and substance to environmental science and management, business strategy, management and metrics and marketing, advertis- ing and event management.

    BITIER Communications has developed an online B2B community to advance commercial sustainability.

  • The service delivers targeted collaborative content that connect the marketing needs of sponsors to a regional audience of potential customers and provide measured marketing insights that produce real business results.
    External service offerings include project development of digital educa- tion and communications programmes, B2B publishing, real world and virtual events development and management and environmental and industrial marketing and advertising multimedia campaigns.