Tourism and Hospitality


We distribute instant coffees in pouches, tins and sachets to the hospitality industry, including airlines, hotels and restaurants. Our coffee does not contain chicory or chicory-related products or addictives (it is 100% coffee). We do customized packaging, including branding and sizes to meet clients’ requirements.

Our coffee is certified free from GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and is spray-dried, which further ensures that there are no additives used in processing. It is packaged in a very distinctive metal tin and double sealed for freshness and security.

Our raw green beans are produced, without agro-chemicals, and gathered by local landowners. The green coffee beans are taken to the plant, where the coffee is sorted and processed.

After the raw beans have been sorted and classed, they are husked, washed and are dried in the cool mountain air. The coffee beans go through a natural drying process, taking a few weeks, where the coffee is brought out each morning and taken inside each night. Once the drying process is complete, the beans are roasted by hand to perfection, blended, ground, and made into a huge vat of coffee. It is then strained and piped to a drying tower, where it is sprayed into a column of superheated air so as to evaporate the water from the coffee.

We currently do not distribute the coffee products through supermarkets or wholesalers.


We are developing a separate website that will cater for our accommodation outlets. Watch the space!

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