Bembani develops Greening 2010 Business Plan

Bembani develops the business plan to green 2010 FIFA World Cup TM. The primary goal of greening is to achieve climate neutrality by reducing the environmental footprints of the tournament through:

  • Sound waste management practices.
  • Sustainable water and waste water management.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Green Procurement.
  • Raising environmental awareness.

The greening programme has been driven by the local organising committee (LOC), the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), and the nine host cities. The sub-programmes of greening 2010 are presented in figure 1 below.

It is important to note that the application of the greening programmes are not confined to the soccer tournament, but could be used in any institution, society, household, etc. To assist government and the private sector in their sustainability endeavours, Bembani has packaged a number of programmes that could be rolled-out under different circumstances. We do greening plans and implementations for shopping centres, commercial buildings, communities, industrial operations, municipalitiesí operations (waste management, energy use, transportation, water and waste water management, etc. For more information, contact us.