CTG SA Profile

CTG Environmental Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd. “CTG SA” is a South African clean-tech company that provides high-tech environmental solutions to industrial and municipal clients worldwide. CTG SA delivers state-of-the-art solutions for water, wastewater and solid waste management. CTG SA’s products and technologies enable clients to implement the best available solutions while reducing operating costs and achieving regulatory compliance.

Thanks to its wide range of products and extensive experience in the industry, CTG  SA has the expertise necessary to analyze specific customer needs and deliver the most appropriate solution. CTG SA can assume full or partial responsibility for each project – from choosing the right technology and designing the specific system to implementing the optimal solution and supporting it in the field. CTG SA can provide complete turnkey or build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects based on local teams of specialists.

CTG SA will provide the local African market with complete and integrated solutions based on the CTG portfolio of technologies, initially targeting the municipal sector.
CTG SA is capable of providing end to-end project services including needs analysis, design, implementation and support. Leveraging world-class technology and local knowledge, CTG is ideally positioned to help municipalities and industrial customers improve the operating efficiency and regulatory compliance of their environmental systems.

Our solutions for the municipal sector include:

  • Advanced biological wastewater treatment systems
  • Large and small desalination systems
  • Well water treatment
  • Central control systems for water
  • Water loss prevention
  • Leachate treatment for landfill
  • Water security and monitoring

Our solutions for the industrial sector include:

  • Chemical-free treatment system for cooling towers
  • Detergent-free industrial laundry solution
  • Advanced filtration systems for various applications
  • Energy-generating from wastewater
  • Heavy metals removal from water
  • Heavy load organic material treatment
  • Oily water treatment
  • Mining waste water treatment and reuse