Welcome to Bembani

Bembani Group (Pty) Limited is a South African private company with interests and operations in sustainable development and environmental technologies, tourism and hospitality industry, information and communication technologies, and minerals beneficiation.

The foundation of the Bembani Group of companies was based on the need to achieve the goals of sustainable development, which remains one of the greatest challenges facing governments, industries, businesses and communities today. Bembani provides vehicles through which this challenge could be addressed. We view sustainable development as a way of improving the quality of life through economic growth without unduly negative impacts on the environment upon which the quality of life depends.

Bembani was founded in 2001 by Titus Baloyi, one of a handful of environmental sustainability experts in Southern Africa with grassroots knowledge, supplemented by international training and exposure.


Bembani partners with the Presidency
At what appears to be defining moments in capacity building and development of human capital, the Bembani Group has partnered with the Presidency of South Africa on skills revolution. The partnership was concluded in 2007, and entails capacity development and skills transfer on ICT, sustainable development, tourism development, community development, and other specialised areas that South Africa deems critical for growth.

Bembani signs Technology Partnership Agreement
Bembani has entered into a partnership agreement with TimEnvipro a Danish company that designs and manufactures environmental and agricultural development machineries. The Partnership provides Bembani with exclusivity to import the technology for use in turning compostible domestic waste into organic compost. This initiative assists in reducing the carbon footprint associated with waste disposal by landfilling and addresses CDM requirements.

Bembani develops Greening 2010 Business Plan
Bembani develops the business plan to green 2010 FIFA World Cup TM. The primary goal of greening is to achieve climate neutrality by reducing the environmental footprints of the tournament through, amongst other initiatives:

  • Sound waste management practices
  • Sustainable water and waste water management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Procurement
  • Raising environmental awareness

The greening programme has been driven by the local organising committee (LOC), the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), and the nine host cities.


Bembani Foundation

The group has launched Bembani Foundation, a non-profit division that has been set up to support social responsibility initiatives in South Africa. A number of worthy social causes have already benefited out of the activities of the foundation, which include monetary support, in kind support, in-service training, leadership development and entrepreneurship.



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